Photography is an amazing art form. The beautiful moments are captured and stored as a remembrance. We can cherish those moments, even when the time is long gone. In an earlier time, photographs were taken just to seize the moment of truth. However, with the advent of advanced technology-based cameras, photography has reached a new level. Nowadays, people have taken up photography as their profession and every day the photographers are striving to become better. Every photographer has different choices about photography. Some are wildlife photographers while some select fashion as their object of photography. They pick up a subject of their interest and excel in it. Likewise, nudist photography is fine-art photography where the subject is a nude human body which emphasizes the aesthetic qualities.

Photographers have often chosen nude photography with a beach background. They say the beauty of nudity and beach is something that makes up for a perfect frame. Nudist beach photography has become a prominent subject of photography from the time of its invention. Its distinctive feature has played a major role in establishing photography as a remarkable form of art. Many people have the fantasy of getting clicked at the beaches in the nude form. Certain beaches allow nudist photography. The people who get clicked are also known as naturists. The nude beaches have beautiful scenery and naturists are even seen taking general shots of them. The nudist beaches are great destinations for a carefree and clothing-optional gateway. The coastal shores of New Jersey, Hawaii, Mexico, Greece, and Croatia are some places where there are nude beaches.

What is Naturism and why is it practiced?

Naturism is often practiced by many individuals. It is a cultural movement that advocates social and personal nudity. Naturism is interpreted differently by different people. There are many philosophical sources of naturism and cannot be defined with a single viewpoint. Social nudity is also sometimes practiced to encourage self-respect and respect for the environment. Naturism also boasts of its health benefits. Sunlight has always been useful for our skin and body. It makes the body capable of producing vitamin D. Also, when your body is exposed to the sun, it produces nitric oxide that helps support the cardiovascular system. Hence, with the above-mentioned reason, it becomes even more exciting to get the lens on you while practicing naturism.

Points to consider while doing nudist photography at the beach

  • Don’t go by your assumption about the beach– If you have only just read somewhere that a certain beach is clothing-optional, don’t assume that it surely is. Do your research and collect information from an assured source. Make sure that the beach is safe for your naked advocacy and photography. Certain renowned travel websites have a list of nude beaches that you can go through for confirmation. If you are unsure about whether a beach is a nude beach, it is advisable to keep your clothes on. In some places in the world, public nudity is a crime.
  • You can opt for naturist resorts– Naturist resorts are the ones that allow visitors a clothing-free vacation. You can also go there for a perfect nudist photo shoot. There are considerable campgrounds and luxurious amenities in these resorts. If you wish for a naturist vacation with the liberty and space to photo shoot, then you should certainly check-in to the resorts. Instead of a just one-time visit to a nude beach, the resort space allows you to celebrate naturism for a longer duration. Make sure, there are rules which differ from one resort to the other.
  • When at the nude beach, follow some basic courtesy– You may visit a nude beach just for a visit or for photography. However, when you are there, try to follow some basic courtesy. Don’t stare, pin-point or giggle. Just get used to human bare skin and stop noticing everyone around you. You might have to interact with your fellow beach insiders, however, just be normal and decent. Also, when you are getting clicked there, do not ask your photographer or the person clicking for you to get photographs of others unknowingly. That could be a crime.

Major differences in nudist beach photography and plain beach photography

  • Normal photography can be done on any beach unlike nudist photography – Plain beach photography is quite simple and can be done on any beach that exists on any corner of the world. When you go to beaches with family and friends for a vacation, you click pictures. There is no preparation required for normal beach photography. If you are carrying your smartphone or camera along with you, you click to capture the memories forever. 

It is not the same as nudist beach photography. First, you have to do thorough research about the nude beaches existing. Not every beach is a nude beach. You have to be double sure whether the beach is a nude beach before you go all off. Plus, going naked on a beach which isn’t a nude beach can be considered a crime. Make sure you gather all the information about the beach before you land there for a nudist photography session so that everything goes well.

  • You have to have the mental setup for it – For plain beach photography no as such mental setup is required. That is because everyone wants to get clicked and look good in the picture. Pictures are taken to cherish the past moments; hence everyone captures their photo without even giving a second thought it. In fact with advanced technology, photography has become a common thing amongst people.

Nudist photography is not a normal thing that you do often. It is a special affair which is done maybe once in a lifetime and for which you have to mentally prepare. Going nude especially in front of the lenses is not an easy task. You have to train your brain for and be mentally prepared before the photoshoot. You also should be willing to see your naked skin on the photographs. It wouldn’t be that easy to get yourself clicked nude like it is while you are in clothes. 

On the side note, here are the reasons why you should get naked more often.

  • The trustworthy photographer should be hired for nudist photography – When you engage in plain beach photography, you don’t have to bother much about who is clicking the photograph for you. That is because you get clicked to capture fun moment especially and doesn’t focus much on your physical appearance. Of course, you want the photographs to appear good, but that can be done by any people who are around you. You are carefree while doing plain beach photography.

On the contrary, nudist beach photography cannot be done until you are confident about the photographer. You cannot be very comfortable to portray you your nude self in front of a random photographer. It is good if you know the person on personal grounds or he should be one who is highly professional and trustworthy. He should be someone who can make you comfortable and self-confident in front of the lenses. Make sure that the person who clicks for you is someone who can keep things to himself and you can rely on him completely.

Tips for nudist beach photography

  • Confirm your focal point before shooting – You should focus on what you to portray through your lenses. Decide upon an effective pose that would accentuate the curve of the naked body as well as the beauty of the beach. You can take an idea from some photography magazines to get the classic shot that you desire.
  • Go for black and white photographs – The blemishes or marks of the skin become prominently visible on a colored photograph. However, it isn’t the same with black and white texture. The look and feel of the photograph changes when clicked on black and white mode. And the person who is getting clicked doesn’t even become conscious.
  • Longer focal lengths are the best – When the photographer uses long focal lenses, they can spare some extra space between the model and the camera. That would increase the confidence of the person who is getting clicked and also the photographer gets an amazing shot with the beach scenery.
  • Use some component of the beach – Some natural things picked up from the beach can add a natural effect to your nudist beach photography. Maybe a bark of a tree or oysters or some sand would be able to do the trick. The person who is getting clicked would surely love the combination of their nude self a hint of nature.

Nudist beach photography is a unique engagement. It has become popular in recent times and is requires fine taste to admire the beauty of nude. Nude photography is also known as bodyscapes. It requires great skills of a photographer to be able to see and bring out the charm of the naked skin of a human. The beach is a natural spot and so natural is our body. When clicked together by a trained professional, it is sure to create a magical frame.