Dildos are no doubt fun. But, then, they don’t suffice when you are looking for a realistic feel of cumming inside you. A regular dildo is cool for penetration. However, that’s not everything that you wish for while having sex. You need something more which is only possible when you have a man with you- until now. Today, you have the ejaculating dildos that will let you unleash the cumfreak in you at its best even when you don’t have a man with you.

So, what are these ejaculating dildos?

The name itself is very straightforward and you must have already got a hint on what the toy is meant for. Put simply, ejaculating dildos are dildo toys that squirt. Yes, you heard that right- these dildo toys can actually cum inside your body.

The mechanism is very simple here and you won’t need to go for hours of preparation with an ejaculating dildo. These toys feature a hollow reservoir which you will fill up with squirting lube. The dildo also comes with a pump which is used to squeeze the lube into your body. You will get body-safe lubes for ejaculating dildos.

After you get your lube, just fill up the dildo with the lube and then press the handpump to make the toy squirt inside your body. If you think handpump is a daunting idea, there are more advanced ejaculating dildos with remote controlled pumps. This variant is a favorite because of its convenience, and can pretty much satisfy their fetish for cum.

Top ejaculating dildos for you

After all these discussions above, don’t you think an ejaculating dildo would be a mighty addition to your sex toy arsenal? You bet.

Now, the fact is there is a versatile range of squirting dildos in the market today but not will be compatible for you. Thus, here is a brief on the best possible squirting dildos in the current market which you can check out.

Rex Squirting

You have a chunky slippery dildo here featuring a large lube reservoir inside testicles. You will love its realistic shaft that looks shinier, bigger and just like a real human dick. The toy is made of rubber to ensure a comfortable penetration. But the good thing is the material is never too soft which means it won’t get saggy or limp before you are done. As per the users, Rex Squirting assures slipperiest thrusting and you will enjoy every bit of the experience.

In regards to size, it’s a big toy with 8” length. The insertable length of the toy is 6.5”. The toy also promises a solid girth and comes with a diameter of 1 ¾ to 2”.

Big Shot Squirting Dildo

If you are looking for a big fella to fulfill your extra-large fantasies down under, you can never go wrong with Big Shot Squirting Dildo. It comes with a length of 8” while its insertable length is 6”. Made of silicone, the toy is extremely soft and will glide smoothly inside you. And yes, the realistic veiny textures all across the toy will reward you with heightened pleasure.

Interestingly, the Big Shot comes with a handy vibrator as well which assures 10 various vibrating conditions. This versatile toy carries 2 button controls where one is for squirting and another is for vibrations. Another cool thing about the toy is its suction-cup design. As a result, you will enjoy an intense and convenient hands-free stimulation whenever you will use the dildo. The toy is waterproof and you can easily use it in your shower or tub.

Lil’ Squirt

This toy is tad smaller than regular dildos but would be a great choice if you haven’t tried dildos before. The toy comes with slightly more than 3” of insertable length but also promises a super powerful squirt. And yes, its blue shade would surely add a dose of fantasy to your intimate sessions.

The good thing is that the dildo doesn’t come alone. Rather it is accompanied by one travel-sized lube bottle and one complimentary syringe.

9” Squirting dildo

This hunky ejaculating dildo will be your dream toy if you are craving for a large and luscious play down under. Featuring fine veiny details, the toy looks and feels almost like a real human dick. It’s crafted from high quality which is soft yet firm and prevents the toy from getting saggy and limp. The rubber exudes a warm feel which altogether makes the whole affair absolutely invigorating.

One of the best parts of the toy is that it comes with an ergonomic design. The shaft is partially bent for the perfect fit inside your vagina.

In regards to length, this 9” toy is quite large and it’s especially for seasoned dildo users. Its insertable length is 7” and girth is solid 2”. The product is completely free of harmful phthalates and hence you can be sure of safety.

Wet Works Drencher

This Doc Johnson dildo is just the thing if you are planning intense squirt games in your shower. The toy is completely waterproof but you can also use it on your bed as well. As you see with most of the Doc Johnson dildos, this one too features amazing details to make things as much realistic as possible. And yes, the toy boasts a massive 10” length which is sure to fulfill all your “big” fantasies.

The toy comes with a complete package that also includes syringe and squirting lube. Besides, it’s a suction cup dildo which means hours of hands-free play for you.


Do you have a fetish for dark dicks? Well, in that case, the squirting Chocolate by Doc Johnson is sure to delight you from its very looks only. It comes with a length of 8.5” while the insertable length is 6.5”. You will love its veiny ridges that will take your O-game to a whole new level. The toy is made from R5 PVC which is completely body-safe. The toy features a suction-cup dildo which makes it a breeze to use. The entire package contains not just the toy but also a great lube.