You want to bear it all and that too in India, then either you must do it under the umbrella of the religion of you need to be on one of the following beaches in India. Though our country is progressing, however, they still don’t welcome nudity with open arms and especially for women in India. However, if tourists are coming over here and walking down on any beach in two-piece bikini then we don’t bother them either. That is somewhat acceptable. However, if you want to get that tan without even being restricted by your bikini top and bottom, then here are few beaches where you can soak it all under the sun without anyone bothering you for your nudity. But one must be conscious before going naked on any of these beaches as nudity is still an offense in India and you could be calling a hefty fine for being nude if someone complains about it.

Om Beach, Gokarna

Gokarna is quite famous for its beaches and beautiful landscape. These beaches are encapsulated amongst the luscious green mountains of western Ghats and provide a mind-blowing view for its visitors. Every year thousands of tourists come here to spend their time in the peaceful vibes of Om beach in Gokarna. The beach is quite popular for various nudist parties it arranges for its tourists. The beach remains uncrowded and you can enjoy your privacy on this ‘Om’ shaped beach which provides privacy on one hand through the trough the red cliffs and is covered with a water body on another side.

The beach is formed with a joint of two crescent-shaped pieces of land and hence forms the shape of Om and hence the name. Other than being nude on this beach, you can also enjoy boat rides, surfing, and jet skiing on this beach. The beach has to offer some of the most breathtaking views to its visitors to the sunset. The white beachy island stretches far wide with white sand flowing all along the coast. It is one of the most beautiful islands of the area with rocky terrain and is quite appealing to the eyes. You can either laze around naked or enjoy some of the water sports that are available on this beach island.

Agatti Island, Lakshwdweep

Agatti Island is one of the most famous islands in Lakshadweep and is around 7.6 km long. You would require an entry permit to this beach, hence the beach is almost secluded and does not see much crowd. This makes this island favorite for people who are looking for privacy and go topless on the beach. You can also witness complete nudist on this beach sometimes. To get an entry to this island you need to fulfill the condition that you have a confirmed place to stay on the island. There are only two resorts on this beach – Agatti Island Beach Resort and Sea Shells Beach Resort. The beach is covered with lush green palm trees and has a coral reef and lagoons. It is a heaven on this earth.

The beach is a beautiful place and got a pristine landscape. The island itself stretches around 6 km in length and is covered in white sand. The combination of green water and white sand makes this beach a wonderful place to laze around in this paradise. The beach is very less crowded as it’s not so popular and requites entry permission, hence it is a perfect nudist beach. You can often see visitors roaming around topless on this beach, so it’s not a big deal to be nude on this beach. Other than crystal clear seawater and blue sky you can also hire a boat to traverse along the sea. Also, other forms of water sports are available on this beach. One can also visit a museum nearby to understand the various historical facts about the island.

Marari Beach, Kochi

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in India and lies near Kochi. The beach extends along with white sand and greenish water flowing through its coast and land with coconut trees. The best time to visit this beach is during winter months that is October to April and is a mecca for photographers. The beach opens its both arms for nudists and lies in complete seclusion. the place is also famous for organizing various nudist beach parties. There are various resorts and villas nearby where you can stay and spend your topless days on this beach celebrating the mild sun on this beach.

This beach being not so famous and near Alleppey in Kerala is a perfect nudist beach amongst all. The beach is still undeveloped and thus is a perfect place to laze around. The beach is usually full of peaceful vibes, especially during weekdays. On weekends it becomes somewhat crowded due to various people heading towards it to bathe in the sun. However, this crowd, mainly remains on the high points of the beach. If you could adjust in the far apart part of this beach, then you can enjoy yourself without any disturbance. The beach was named after Mararikulam which means a small and sleepy fisherman. This name was given to this beach due to its proximity to the ultimate peaceful vibes.

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

This is another famous beach on Gokarna Town and is also known as ‘Full Moon Beach’ The beach is in Karnataka and is around 150 meters long covered entirely with rocks. The rest of the beach is covered in white sand and provides perfect seclusion for tourists who wish to go all nude on this beach. The beach does not provide any other kind of activities or water sports like other beaches in this area and you can spend your solitude in nature’s lap looking wide deep into the horizon. This beach also hosts various nudist beach parties and is quite famous during the winter months from October to November for its unrestricted mild sunbathe.

This beach is also known as a full moon beach and can be accused in three different ways. There is no direct road connected to this beach and one needs to hire a boat to reach here from Om Beach. Other than hiring a boat you can also do a small trek to this beach through half-moon beach. It would take around half an hour to reach here on feet passing the big rocks and hills. The bygone days, the beach was quite popular for hosting hippies who use to smoke weed and use to lie on these beaches all day long. However, this has been restricted these days and turned illegal. However, still, people come here to spend some lonely time and to chill on this beach.

Ozran Beach, Goa

Ozran Beach is around 1 hours’ drive from Panjim and is a small picturesque beach in Goa. The beach is hidden with various hillocks and Chapora fort. To reach this beach one needs to pass a small trek through a hill and reach here hence you won’t see much crowd on this beach. Also, the open end of the beach is quite covered by this hillock thus providing complete seclusion from most parts of the world except for other people who are on the beach. It is also famous for its wonderful surroundings and people often come here to spend some unrestricted time bathing in the sun. This beach is also an extension of Vagator beach and not so crowded due to other more popular beaches in its proximity.

Other than going nude on this beach, you can also spend some chill time and visit other beaches like Anjuna Beach and Vagator Beach here. Viewing the sunset on this beach also something you can lure for. It’s an experience and many famous Bollywood movies have included it in their films. It looks extremely marvelous when the blue-sky sinks into the dark blue sea. It is also a paradise for stargazing on lonely nights on this beach. Towards the northern side of this beach, there is a huge rock carved in the shape of a human face, some people say it’s an incarnation of Lord Shiva and others just admire this natural form of art. However, this also adds to the popularity of this beach.

India is though not a perfect destination for being nude on beaches, but many foreign nationals are unaware of it and go nude on secluded beaches like one mentioned above. Nudity is not quite welcomed in this country, though everything else is quite acceptable unless you have clothes in some form on your body. Beware that nudity is restricted by law in this country and you must watch your surroundings before bearing it all in India. Or else you could all upon hefty fines for standing nude on any of these beaches. One can go to nudist parties rather, which are well arranged by taking care of everything also people coming to those parties are aware of the consequences.