Being an avid lover of photography, I experienced numerous cringe-worthy things. Seeing something totally out of the box doesn’t surprise me often. I am quite used to the ambiguities and beauty of nature or this man-made world. Though I get sometimes awestruck by the beautiful patterns on which nature works.

Some of my works have been ultimate adventurous and other been monotonous, but always nature has surprised me. Some of the time this man-made world made me dumfounded and other times provided me with great skills. The best thing about this man-made world is they don’t know the true worth of their ambiguous chores. Sometimes just a kid plucking the flower and smelling it is a treat to watch. Getting to capture this is the best thing for me.

To acknowledge the transition of humans who want to pursue our ancestors by roaming nude is a good subject to capture. I had planned for this for a long time. I decided to visit a nude beach where I can capture the stills of nudity for a project which shows the transition of human thinking towards our ancestors.

Matter of fact

The matter of fact for this whole episode is the way I get the things on the nude beach is way cringe. Some of my stills capture the weirdest and kinkiest sight which was going on that beach between a group of friends. They were making out in the mid of the beach with some of the sex tactics which was not preferable for the beach sex. 

Before that let’s get to the whole story of mine which entails the story of my planning and getting to the crime zone.

Selection of beach

Just planning for visiting a nude beach will not serve my purpose. I researched a lot as my client for whom I was going to take shots was also nervous for getting the permission to capture photos on a nude beach. We were most concerned about different constraints that can come in our path. I am depicting some of those concerns here: 

  • Permission for getting the photos of other beach visitors
  • Getting anonymous while clicking so that it generates the free-flow of activity
  • A contingency plan, if things get wrong
  • How can we pursue this project to get most of the authentic stills

Apart from this concern, we have to select the nude beach where there is no restriction to take photos. Also, there should not be any discrepancy which makes the fellow beach movers uncomfortable.

So we decided to opt for a nude beach which is known as Samurai beach located in Port Stephens, Australia. This is one of the beaches in Australia where you can take photos without any prohibition. We went to Australia and scheduled our visit.

Visiting Australia and gaining information about the beach was a great task. We did that and made a to-do list for doing things and not doing things. Pun intended we disguised ourselves as naked and opted to visit that beach with our camera. We also made a contingency plan which can help us at the time of things going south. With all of these done we went there.

At the crime zone

That was my first time to visit any of the nude beaches. Being a boy, I was overwhelmed and excited to experience the nudity at large. When we entered there we found that the aura was totally clear, no one was that shy to bring naked and roaming around. To get my grounds I had taken time, but with all those nudity in front, I was going bananas. The boner alert was one of the most awkward things I have ever experienced in my life in front of the mass population. I was conscious about that, but after seeing so many of the people who are just not ashamed of anything I calmed myself. 

After that, we went for a quick stroll around the beach to pick a spot from where we can begin our shooting. Luckily we found a spot which is a low-cliff from all the beach movers are visible. Though we have settled there with our artillery of rolls and cameras and waiting for the crowd to settle. As most of the people opt for this nude beach visit for being Tan, so they are just strolling for finding a good spot from where they can get maximum Vitamin D. 

After some time most of the crowd settled-in and we started our work. we have taken some of the candid shots of the picture-perfect couples and also the different people. But to my surprise, I found a group of people doing something which was quite the weirdest and the kinkiest of the activities. I got shocked by this, but when my friend elaborated about that being a regular activity on this beach.

Activity which made me shocked

That group was consist of four males and three females. With our cameras, we were zooming in and out to get a closer look. to my surprise, they were indulged in the group sex. Though group sex was normal as the time passed they started to opt for switching partners and opting for more bizarre sex-rituals ad poses. 

To my surprise, one of the couples was performing BDSM. Those who are unaware of this sex activity let me tell you this type of sex is the most bizarre activity which makes one or the other partner take pleasure while hurting others gently. Sometimes it also gets rough but that is not the case here. Getting on to the activity, so the couple was indulged in this sex form and doesn’t care for the surroundings. Our camera was clicking pictures of their every step.

If you’re on of those couples who are into BDSM, you might want to read this article from Bustle first.

To my surprise, the male was not that kinky but he is also taking a part in this. The female in this was the driving factor. She became wild and readily tried to squeeze his genitals. To our surprise, the male was first enjoying the act but subsequently, it became torture for him. I am damn sure of this because I was watching every expression of the couple. 

At first when the male was feeling pleasure by her activities such as when she was licking and kissing his body parts. But when the drive was on its verge she became wild. The squeeze of his genitals is just like manhandling by footballers. Though I am not sure why the male was not restrained, it may be because he also likes that act of wildness. But the things I had been an audience of were mind-boggling.

We were continuously watching that couple and when the female was on her verge of orgasm she had done the weirdest thing of all times. She made him lick her vagina by being a total driving force. Male was not so adamant to restrain this act also which made me think it as he also liked that. 

The thing which got me awestruck was not the whole activity of the group but the wild sex femdom of that female in the group is quite abnormal. Though it can be my sole deduction, it could be the general activity of that specific couple, but that too on a nude beach makes me gritty. With that type of femdom, either a male can get the utmost pleasure or totally nuts. Here I am quite awestruck by the female persona who just wants to be fulfilled with all the pleasure she can get.

The aftereffect

After this event, I was in shock that this can also happen on a nude beach. That too by a female who is so much into this sex pleasure that she doesn’t care about the male partner or the surrounding. Later on, I have deduced some of the facts which had been the answer to my questions cum frightening factors. Those are as follows:

  • It may be the whole process of BDSM and femdom which are equipped with these tactics of sex pleasure.
  • Secondly, it may be the case that that couple is quite into each other that they like the way things were going on.
  • Ultimately, we were on a cliff from where everything was visible, but for them, they are on lowly land where the crowd was minimal. They may be open that much because of the pseudo privacy they thought of.

The ultimate conclusion

Apart from the above justification I also realized that should not matter to me. We had been there for a cause and that was fulfilled, we clicked ample snaps which were quite relevant to the project. Afterward, I realized that what more could I expect to happen on a nude beach, but I am quite sure that the thing which I saw was the weirdest and kinkiest thing I found in a nudist beach while doing a photoshoot.