‘camera’ has been my soul partner since childhood. I am quite a fanatic and a professional photographer. the love towards capturing any single moment is the core passion I had ad pursuing that only with the help of photography. The core of photography for me is the sense of getting a hold of the time frame which keeps on changing. This time frame consists of countless emotions and activities. From childhood I had been a wanderer and given a lot of time to observe my surroundings and other stuff.

Observing that my father provided me a camera at that time and I started to click anonymous pictures. Then it became a passion and now I am a professional photographer. being that I got several opportunities to visit different places for my work around the world. This made me quite a thoughtful person who desires to live and feel the serene environment. This environment, mainly contains all the natural stuff and humans also.

Here I am sharing one of the wild experiences which I got from my world tour for photography specifically in Spain. Let me clear one thing I am a girl who likes to express her attraction to the opposite gender outrightly. So when I was on that trip I was amazed by my drive to get attracted to men. That was a quite different drive I get normally, but that was unique.

Place of occurrence

This incident occurred with me when our group was on a world tour and we were holidaying and clicking snaps at the same time in Spain. While capturing the different aspects of the living we have to visit some places in Spain, which were quite a full house of males. For example the gyming center, football grounds, pub and other places where we can find the manly crowd. This is the core idea of the project where we have to capture the trendy fashion of the present all over the world.

For that, I was quite awestruck by the regime of Spanish males. Apart from that, club-level football was also in its peak time, which brought a different set of people from all over the world. So when I was capturing the snaps I got very much attracted to some unique men, like the guy I met in the pub was the king of sarcasm. I got to know that while having a brief chat with him. We ended up having pegs and hooking together, which was quite a sensational sex I had.

Apart from that, I had numerous encounters with some of the guys which I found very attractive. Do not take me as a nymphomaniac, I was just flabbergasted with the top attributes of some of the men.

Matter of fact

Photography has provided me numerous things, satisfaction is the foremost of all but apart from that I got money, explored the world, exploring the horizon of infinite possibilities of capturing every moment and pun intended, the happiness to attain a tremendous sex-life.

I had been a lover of sexual pleasure from the time I acquired puberty. The sense of getting the feel of that manly touch makes me numb. The odor of the manly physique makes me quite attracted to them. I know I am depicting this so outright that it may give you a sign of nympho, but I am not. I enjoy sex with those who can make me feel special and that can be deduced just after a meeting for me. I had been a wanderer and liked the way things goes. No strings attached is the main idea of my evolution as a person.

Though I have encountered some of the silly ones who either just to want sex or they attach themselves to me. I am quite in between those, if I get attached to someone then I can spare with them for some time but not for long and I can’t stand in that relationship where the other partner just desires sex.

So roaming around the world I got to know about a lot of men and hooked also. the numbers are quite faded but there is a substantial amount of them. approx 50 to 60 are there to whom I had spent one-night stand. 

After getting a detailed experience in this field these are the following do’s and don’t while opting for hook-up:


These are some of the things which should be prevented if you want to hook-up with a total stranger while traveling or getting on a work trip:

  • It is ambiguous of traveling in a group or alone or with a workgroup, you are making yourself to miss one of the most serene experience to explore the world if you are opting for sex every next day. For me, it had been different as I was able to capture the essence of the trip and then copying for hooking up. The general rule for this is to keep the crux of the trip alive and if something comes in your way like a sex experience then that is a bonus. Being desperate is not at all good.
  • Don’t ever cancel your work schedule or the plan with your friends to keep up with the sex experience. You can cancel those for something credible but for that, it is not advisable. I had been in that situation when I canceled my work schedule due to the drive for more sex with a British guy. Later on, I realized that keeping this hooking thing temporary stuff. 
  • I had been in a situation where I got serious about the surfer I met in Ibiza but at last, he denied that which made me realize the havoc I was going to make. So make sure that these one-night stand doesn’t reach a continuous schedule. Keep it as a one-time thing only. The idea of marrying something just after having great sex is normal. To attain that point you should take ample time.
  • It is okay to have a one-night stand and forgetting them as a clear wind. Do not get yourself into serious shit. Don’t expect someone to knock your door and asking for marrying you. This is lame and only works in a film. Just be in the moment and address that as a final moment. 
  • Do not ever get drunk and they want to elevate your sexual desire. This will cause a lot of problems. This cannot be a romantic thing. Just drink moderately as intoxicated thoughts are most dangerous and make you commit unproductive decisions. You can get into serious complications if something goes south.


These are some of the mandatory things which can be considered before indulging in sexual pleasure with a total stranger:

  • Get a keen knowledge about the person you are craving for hooking-up. If possible get onto ample meet-ups by which you can judge them correctly. I know that time is minimal, but you have to do this stuff to get the aesthetics clear.
  • Make sure that you are hooking up with a sober guy who is not related to any dark things. Taking these considerations you can save yourself from dangerous outcomes.
  • Being a girl you should take safety measures at your first preference. Keep contraceptives and other safety drugs in your reach. You never know which kind of guy you going to get. He may carry some of the deadly diseases which can be prevented with these safety measures 
  • At last, keep your health checkup scheduled after every hookup. It will get you honest and true grounds which make you aware of the repercussions and health concerns you are getting.

These are some of the points from my perspective of wandering and hooking up. this is not a manual for hooking up. You should act accordingly and as per the situation. Just getting something lamely is not good at all. You should take essential precautions while opting for any activity.

You can take some of the references from above to do’s and dont’s which could help you while taking decisions and keeping a check on your deeds.

Final word

Being a girl and an avid photographer, I had opted for some of the sexual pleasure just for the sake of attraction. Being a photographer has provided me with numerous perks. Most of them are positive, but this hooking-up with so many guys has been on the grey part. This is something that I neither cherish nor deprived of. Those are the experience which relates me to the positive side of my mind which makes me pursue things that are not a taboo for me. Although some of my colleagues who are with me at that world tour judge me for being that, for me then hooking-up with some of the best possible guys was the medicine.